Express 4.x / AngularJS / Mongo Example

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This is a revamping of the code examples from the blog post “Single Page Application with Angular.js, Node.js and MongoDB (MongoJS Module)” by Piyas De.

This post is not meant to replace that post. It is only intended to complement it by showing updated code examples.

You can find all of the code in the GitHub repository:

The examples have been updated to use Express 4.x, use a more RESTful API, pass JSHint (via grunt), install angular via Bower and work as a npm package. This repository also includes a configuration file for EditorConfig. You should check it out if you are not familiar with it.

This uses a MongoLab database. If this post leads to that database getting used for things other than this example, it will be deleted without notice.

Automated Functional Testing Prototypes in Node

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I am just starting to look into a good solution for automated functional tests for Node. Let me define that since many people have different definitions of what an “automated functional test” is.

To me, an automated functional test is a test that can be run by a command line script that will execute against a page in a web browser.

This is different than unit tests, which are not run against a web browser.

The end goal is to hook this into a continuous integration environment and executed on every commit to source control. That is later.

I am initially testing out the following melting pot of technologies:

You can follow my work in this github repository:

If anyone has any suggestions of other things to look into please leave a comment below with suggestions.


Log Notify v0.2.0 Released

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Release Notes
- Added support for custom titles on notifications
- Updated dependencies


Available via:
- NPM:
- GitHub:

Log Notify v0.1.3 Released

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A while back I wrote a small Node library that combines the growl and terminal-notifier npm packages into a single call that can be used to quickly add notifications to a node application with support for OS X, Windows and Linux. For systems that do not support the OS X Notification Center or Growl, the notification will go to console.log(). This is cleverly named log-notify.

Today log-notify-0.1.3 is released with a defect fixed for people that did not have the debug library installed globally.

Available via:
- NPM:
- GitHub:

OS X 10.8.x+ Notification Center

Ubuntu 13.04

New blog – again!

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Yes… if you are one of the few people on the planet that actually reads my blog, you will see that I have deleted it all and started over again.  I have never really been happy with any blog site I have found out in the wild, and I just don’t have the patience to write my own blog software, or theme, or whatever when there are so many free ones out there.

So, here I am, back on wordpress.  Lets see if this theme stands the test of time.  I didn’t actually delete all of my previous blog posts, I still have them around.  If anyone really wants to see an old one reposted just let me know and I can do that.

Edit: Some of the more popular old posts are slowly getting updated and reposted.

Selenium 2.25.0 / Windows 8 / IE 10 / Maven – Example

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Get it here:

This is just an example of how to create a simple selenium 2.x script that will run on Windows 8 in IE 10 via Maven. Read the rest of this entry »